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Old Zappa

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Tried, can't get YouTube here...my VPN is down.

It's a 23-year old Frank Z on the Steve Allen show. He's so awkward and self-conscious - so very different than his future self.

On another tack, there is a brand new Chongqing Hot Pot in the 'hood, I'm gonna crack the code on the spice.

I appreciate your sacrifice.

All hot pots are good, but the Chongqing stuff is just wild.

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YouTube is really terrific, there's some clips that show history being made.

Here's a audio only of the Montreux Casino Fire (at the end, you can hear the confusion and the announcement that a fire has started)

and the following interview

Deep Purple's iconic 'Smoke On The Water' is a result of that fire.

Anyway, here's a link to my channel and some job video's

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_ ... rmermiller

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"Great Googleymoogeley!"--Frank Zappa

Much as I love Zappa's music and creativity, notice if you will on his albums that he never credited any of the performers that helped him put the music together. Another case of the great artist's great ego, I guess. I have read that the great sculptor Rodin was insufferable to be around.

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