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Hey, Raymond

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I remember you were the only individual that thought so too.

There's no heat up in the places we stay, it's very rural, it's mild elevation in the mountains, and it's cold. You see guys wearing these things in the evening or weekends like casual wear. They're thick padded poly batting, like about 3/4"-1".

Folks are getting a chuckle out of the Meiguoren wearing the local duds. They're warm though. I'm threatening my wife that I'm going to wear them back in the city.

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Only in kid sizes. In the US, I'm XL...here, I'm quadruple X, selection was limited, so I went native. I could have gone with a more understated color combo, but comic effect was lost. ("a bit dorky"....?....they're Monster Dork, ****ing shoot the lights out Dork)

I'm thinking of wearing these in Chicago....maybe go downtown to a nightclub. No...wait.... set up a date on Match.com and show up wearing these.

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This is heat in rural Hubei. Everyone sits around these metal tables with gas fired heaters built into the base.

Construction in China is concrete. Rabbit warren/beehives of uninsulated concrete boxes, all lacking central heat. Compound the situation with a 17th century concept of health, where all ailments can be negated if there is fresh air, so everyone keeps the windows wide open 24/7. Ambient temps outside are around 39-40degF at night, so....you know....it's about 43-45degF average inside. It's SOP for everyone to sit around wearing their winter coats and full double layers of full length underwear

Family life is centered around the heat table. If the table is full, you walk around the house because to sit on any furniture is to have body heat extracted in an instant. Family gatherings take on a sort of somnambulistic walking dead of those not at the table....circling, circling around the main room, waiting for someone to get up from the heat table.

So, dork super insulated padded casual wear starts looking attractive.

Remember all those B&W pics from our childhood showing Chinese people wrapped in what looked like king size mattresses and padded everything? There's a reason. There's no ****ing heat.

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