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Thin Brick Veneer on CMU

Mike Lamb

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This does not seem right but I cannot find any technical notes to contradict this application. I have looked at the BIA technical notes 28C on thin brick veneer which says this can be applied over CMU which has a base coat over that. I don't see that a base coat was applied here, but besides that I can't find any specific notes on this application. They are supposed to finish the work on one of the walls when it gets warmer.

I have seen some masonry notes that you should apply thin brick veneer over metal lath on masonry but applying it directly over isn't a no no.Any thoughts?

I called the representative of the manufacturer of the thin brick veneer and they have not gotten back to me.

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Follow-up: I contacted the manufacturer, Marion Ceramics. They did not have any technical notes on installation. They directed me to Laticrete which is a mortar and bonding product used to fasten veneer. There technical notes were misleading. They did have drawings that had the veneer installed over a moisture drainage system. I finally talked to a technical representative and he told me as long as the right adhesive/mortar is being used you can apply the veneer directly to CMU.

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