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How bad is this?


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First of all, is it a service panel or is it a sub-panel with the main breaker somewhere else? If a sub, then the feeder and the breaker upstream of it determines the rating of that panel.

I see the branch wiring looks a bit messy and that can be fixed with staples, preferably through the drywall into wood, but if no wood, the staples will help.

If that is the first breaker after the meter, the service conductors from the meter probably come directly into the back of the panel, encased in conduit in the wall. We would normally pull the cover and take a pic of those conductors and estimate their size.

Check closely for an amperage rating on that main breaker. They are almost always marked in the factory. Then check for a rating on the meter. The smallest of those 3 ratings is the true size of the service.

Any reputable Electrician or HI can do this in a few minutes.

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Need more info.
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  • I see a cable in there with the sheathing stripped away to about a foot or two above the top of the panel.  Sheathing should not be removed until the cable is inside the panel.
  • NM cable should be protected from damage where exposed.
  • Each cable should be secured at entry into the panel with it's own connector, in compliance with the specs of the connector.
  • It's the mortgage company that determines if corrections are needed.
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3 hours ago, Zxcy38462 said:

I plan to if I see nothing horrendous. Just don't want to spend money on that just yet 

Very few inspections of mine over the last 14 years had reported repair costs less than 4x the inspection fee.  Certainly less than 1 in 20.  That includes several hundred newly constructed homes.  Caveat emptor.

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