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Vinyl on a Gambrel Roof??


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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone has seen siding installed on a gambrel roof before? The owners said they chose to do this, rather than use shingles which wear our. Usually mansard faces stay for a very long time. There is no shingles underneath. The owners said they removed the shingles and they installed a Tyvek building wrap under. I know the siding isn't water tight, just wondering what the long term effects would be especially on siding not installed perfectly vertical? Has anyone seen an installation like this? It's been 10 years and I haven't seen it yet. Looking for any info on vinyl siding that states it must be installed vertical if possible.




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I don't see any specific prohibition in the VSI's Vinyl Siding Installation Manual, but I wouldn't expect to. They're going to tell you how to install it, not how not to install it.  It's *siding*, not *roofing.*  I doubt that there's anything in there that says you shouldn't install it on your car, but that doesn't mean doing so would be ok. 

I'd just say, "Some moron installed vinyl siding in lieu of roofing. It's unlikely to work well. Hire a roofer to install proper roofing in its place." 

(Ok, I wouldn't actually write, "moron," but I'd mean it.) 


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Fanfold would reduce the volume of water that reached the tyvek, but also hold a significant amount in place without a gap to promote drainage.

I wouldn't count on it unless it were installed like a tile roof. A completely waterproof underlay with the cover on battens.

It wouldn't look any better, but it wouldn't leak.


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