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Joining Word file together

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Support for my Adobe Acrobat XI has ended and with that it will not allow me to sign my PDF reports anymore.  The only upgrade is a $178 subscription.

Does anyone know how to join Word files together.  Word allows me to sign documents but I need to join the cover page to the rest of the report first.


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The thing about copying and pasting is that the formats are different.  Formats don't carry, just the text.  The copy/pasted cover page gets mess up.

I've since found that my Docusign allows me to join documents and then sign them.  I'm going to try that out for awhile.


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Sounds like you got it.

I had to learn to copy and paste everything when I bought a Vista machine years ago. Before that files were moved, same result.

In Windows documents, like Rich Text Documents, there is a menu, drop down box, with dozens of fonts. You highlight the text, then choose font from the list, easy to do.

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