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Fabric layer used for balcony!?!


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I came across a balcony that uses Ipe decking over 2x4 sleepers. There's a thin layer of black fabric that's installed under the decking that tore very easily. I'm thinking this fabric is apart of a liquid/fluid applied deck system and the contractors forgot to add some layers! In the picture you can see a metal coping so there could be something else under the fabric, but the decking wasn't removable to inspect. The ceiling under the balcony is underpinned and didn't show any signs of leaks. 

I'm not aware of any type of deck systems that use just a fabric as a top layer. Is anyone familiar with one that does? 




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55 minutes ago, Jim Katen said:

Could it be the selvage edge of a membrane? 

It also might be a wear pad, to prevent the sleepers from damaging the actual membrane. 



Thank you for the reply! 


No, it's not a selvage edge, this fabric extended over the entire balcony. 


The wear pad idea sounds plausible. This is a multi-unit villa where the regime contractors maintain the exterior. I've seen multiple different materials used for these balconies on other units, but this fabric is a first. I plan to contact them for some clarification.  

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