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Looking For A Few Good Pics

John Raffensberger

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Not of your naked self or partner.

I'm fine tuning my presentation for new buyers seminars and need some pics. Since you folks have been incredibly helpful to me in the past I'm going back to the well.

I know there are plenty of pics on this site but want to make sure it's OK with the photog. If you want to tell the story I'd be glad to share it along with pic credit.

Thanks A Lot,


I'm Looking For Pictures Of:

1. Common Problems

2. Enexpected Finds

3. Grading

4. Energy Efficiency/Passive Solar

5. Spatial Orientation

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John, do you need high resolution pictures? I'd think so if they're for a presentation. I have probably well over 40,000, just from the past two years alone. The problem is they're nearly all 640 x 480 and the only order they're in is by date taken.

I keep putting off the what should be fun task of going through them and cataloguing the 'keepers'. If you don't need them soon, you're welcome to 'em.

Here's a good example of an 'Unexpected Find', as well as an irrefutable counterpoint to people who say that new houses don't need to be inspected.


I first inspected the just completed house in January '04. The roof was completely snow covered. I told the buyer to call me when it was clear and dry, but I never heard from him again.

About a month and a half later, I had another new construction inspection on the same street. It turned out to be the same house. The original buyer couldn't sell his old house and had to put this one up for sale without ever moving in.

This time the roofs were dry. Holy crap! It was by far the worst installation that I've ever seen. You'd swear it was put on during take your daughter to work day. The seller, who I'd inspected it for little more than a month before, likely had no idea of the problems. I was suddenly in a very uncomfortable situation.

I told the buyer the installation problems were so bad, the only fix is to tear it off and replace it. The builder refused. Since I certainly didn't want the seller (my previous client) to have to eat it (and of course I didn't want to get sucked into a lawsuit either) I asked the builder to meet me at the site, along with the roofer that did it.

Along with the other issues, many nails were overdriven to the point of cutting completely through the shingle. Of course the roofer insisted the installation issues were minor and could be fixed. My ace in the hole was that I knew where several shingles were not nailed at all. Not a single nail. As the roofer was looking away, I said "and some shingles aren't fastened with the required number of nails". You should have seen the look on his face as he saw me holding up the hole-less shingle.

Btw, I still don't get what Spatial Orientation is.

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Kurt and Joe,

First of all, I'm taking Spatial Orientation off the request. Thanks for your help, whenever you get them to me would be great.

Joe, the pic is great. It'll definitely make it into the presentation. Oh this will be a PowerPoint presentation and since this is my first attempt to put in pic I'm not sure what sizes are needed.

Thanks for all your input and replies


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You're Such A Big Softy. Only my admiration and gratitude stopped me from tearin' you up.

Won't be in Chi-Town in the forseeable future but thanks for the invite. If you'd like to just send a few of your favs that'd be great. I've gotten a lot of responses so there's no big hurry. But I'm sure you've got a few doozies.

Just to let you know, things are going well here. Twins great, wife working hard, now If only I had a few more inspections.

The RE market has hibernated but that's just allowed me to begin my RE empire. Watch out Trump.

See Ya and Thanks'


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