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I agree that all the hysteria regarding mold is largely unfounded, but check out what I saw in a crawlspace earlier today. Every fixture in the bathroom was leaking into the crawlspace, and the water-heater flue pipe was discharging into the cellar/crawlspace---so I suppose that's where the moisture came from that allowed the mold to flourish. I was reminded of Mike's "Name That Rot," thread several months ago in which the villain was some polysyllabic organic material that I'm too dopey to remember.

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Whew! John my man, downsize those puppys before posting them next time.

I'd say there's definitely a problem or two there. [:D]

Moisture for sure, with structural concerns thrown in as a result. Those situations are usually a mess to sort out in a RE transaction too. How much damage is there, what's going to be repaired and what's going to be replaced, exactly what do you do about the mold, etc., etc., etc. Then half of the time your client wants you to check it all out when the work is supposed to be done. Not fun, these things.

Brian G.

Can't Figure Out How to Get a Living Out of Fun [:-irked]


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