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Manufactured Home

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Manufactured home appears to be two parts.

In the crawl space, the two sections appear to be tied together by bolts and placed on piers.

The bolts looks like to be loosening, and the middle where the two parts of the home come together is separating a little.

Also evident is a crack running right down the center of the ceiling. Through the home.


Who do I refer this to? A structual engineer or a manufactured housing foundation/structural contractor. (if that's the right title)

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Hi Martin,

In most states installation of MH are regulated seperately from the general contruction industry, down here in FL it is a DMV function, in other states it falls under the State Fire Marchalls office.

I would recommend repairs be carried out by a MH installer licensed by whatever your local regulatory dept demands.



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Yes, the two sides are bolted or clamped together. You should see a marriage wall inside the attic if you can access it. You will find clamps bolting the two sides together in the attic also. This is also the most common place for roof leaks.

I would refer to a MH manufacturer installation contractor for advice on what needs to be done.

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