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Asbestos wallboard???


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Saturday's inspection was a high rise condo built in '65.

Do any of you old timers [:-eyebrow recognize this wallboard? Found it under the bathroom sink. I've never seen this type of wallboard, but since it separated two units, I thought it might contain asbestos as the fire wall material.

Whadya think?

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On a side note, the view was kewl, this was the 18th floor. Last year I did one at the 26th in the same building.

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Headed toward Galveston...

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I figure the neighbor for a Peeping Tom...lol [:-bigeyes

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I'm told there are about 3000 building products that have contained asbestos, so I don't pretend to know them all, but it would surprise me to learn it was in wallboard manufactured in 1965.

But even more to the point, if it did contain asbestos, the health risk to your client has got to be pretty minute.

I wouldn't sweat it,

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In our area, most wallboard (gypsum) was asbestos free, however the bedding compound and the topping compound contained asbestos. Marketed that way for durability. I personally had to have breathing apparatus, 6mil plastic, 55gal drum with lockable top, dry sand for drum, Department of Natural Resources Permit and Seal and cartage to land fill (35miles) at 6am on a Monday, to dispose of 1/2 pail of topping. Had to be on a Monday at 6am to be sure it was on the bottom of the week's trash.

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