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I was doing a frame inspection this morning and stopped to watch the painter for a few minutes.

Glad I had my camera as I watched him brush off the dirt with his hands before he painted the Hardie plank.

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Then I noticed his paint bucket...by the way..it was drizzling rain

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So then I got bored and watched the roofers on the house next door. They were chillin as their shingles were being delivered.

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I love my job!

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Originally posted by hausdok

To hell with the shingles, I'm interested to know how the hell they're splining those windows.

OT - OF!!!


If you're talking about the arched window, this is how they do it: with 3 short 2x4's. One at the top of the jamb, and two diagonal on each side. That's about it as long as they can get a nail in it.

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Well duh! With the Dow foam board and Energy Brace of course!

Note the Energy Brace on the sides of the windows...that's the side flashing. Then they'll over lap the foam board around the arch and maybe use some of the mil plastic, more than likely though it will be tucked or wadded up and pushed back.

Virtually every frame inspection I do I write up the windows for not being installed and flashed properly. Installation instructions are on every window but no one takes the time to read them.

Here's an example of the finished product.

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Or they do it this way...

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Of course, if there is Hardie plank siding, then there is no flashing at all around the windows...according to builders, Hardie plank is the flashing...[:-banghea

And that my Good Sir, is how we flash windows in the Houston area!

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That whole mess reminds me of a house I saw while doing a draw inspection one day. It was raining lightly, but had rained like hell the night before. Some genius had left the mouldings for the entire house outside the day before, and it was all dripping wet from end to end. They were just slapping it up anyway, as fast as they could go. [:-dunce]

Brian G.

There Is No Cure for Stupid [:-banghea

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