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2020 California Solar Requirement for New Construction


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I have read a lot about the new requirement for solar on new construction in California in 2020, but can't seem to find a clear unambiguous description of what capacity system is required, even on California government sites.

Does someone know what the requirement really is.  I know what solar companies say I should need, and I know what I really need, but what will California say I need for a new system when I try an pull a permit?

I am trying to spec out a system for a 6,000 square foot house (two floors, excluding basement and attic) in the mountains of southern California.  My current electricity usage is a yearly maximum of 6.7 kWh daily average for a house that is about 1500 sq ft, with gas heating and appliances.

To keep the state happy, what capacity system (in Watts) will the state require to issue a permit for this 6,000 sq ft dwelling, with one occupant, gas appliances and gas forced air heating, and no air conditioning (not needed in the mountains).  House will receive abundant sunlight - no shading at all.

Driving around southern California I notice that new construction with solar panels (built second half of 2019) have about 8-9 panels for fairly large houses  (your typical SoCal built to the property line houses).  For typical panels that would seem to be less than 3,000 W.

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