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NAHB Callback Survey

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I read a survey a while back (I think it was put out by the NAHB) about how an independent inspection during the construction phases can decrease the number of call backs from Homeowners.

I didn't find it in the NAHB Callback survey that Mike has in the archives.

Does anyone else have a copy - or something similar?


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Could it have been the paper that Don Norman, ex-ashi pres wrote that was pretty widely circulated around the first of the year? Here's one place it showed up:

http://www.remodeling.hw.net/industry-n ... eID=237229

Could it have been the NAHB National Housing Quality Initiative?

http://www.nahbrc.org/Docs/NewHomeNav/N ... 110504.pdf

OT - OF!!!


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Nope, none of those.

The one I'm thinking of specifically stated how many callbacks were decreased when builders had third party inpsections perfored during the phase stages.

The average was something like an average 19 callbacks per year for those builders who did not have inspections compared to 3 callbacks per year for those who did.

At least I'm pretty sure it was a NAHB survey......

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First I head of that was at Peter Drenan's New Construction Seminar at ITA in Vegas 04'. I emailed him for the refereance and couldn't find it, but sent me the latest one that is in TIJ's downloads. I searched for weeks and never found the one he referenced. I'd be happy to fax you the pages from the seminar, but I can only depend on Peter's accuracy.

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Originally posted by swarga

Chris, I think you heard it at Peter's class in Orlando.

It was from a 1996 NAHB Study that you had to be a NAHB member to get a copy of.

I recently tried to get a copy of it from NAHB and they said it no longer exists.

No, it was Vegas. I did the ICC class in Orlando. I have proof- that's where I met Hausdoc!

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