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Charlie, in the interest of helping the industry and one of the best electrical minds around, I sent my old FPE panels to Douglas Hansen. I paid the freight, about $50. I did ask Douglas if he wanted them first and he provided an address.

The satisfaction came when Douglas emailed me his thanks and a couple photos of my old panels mounted on a wall being used as a teaching prop.

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I did the same thing with an old Zinsco MagnaTrip I sent Douglas. Charlie, are you an ASHI/NAHI/AII/NACHI/HIF/or other association type of guy? Most local chapters give training seminars once or twice a year and I bet if you've got someone close by they'd be happy to have it for a training aid. If I were teaching home inspectors I'd take it myself. However, my students are primarily appraisers, investors, property managers, realtors and one or two wannabe home inspectors and I think a photo is good enough for them.



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I shiped the last one to him. At my cost. I even put a little MS state fair taffy in as a happy! I thought another instructor (MC etc) might want it.

Paul it's winter -- I go into the frugal mode. I sure if Kaplan wanted it they could foot the freight bill.


The buss bars did not show any signs of heat when the elec. pulled it all out. The client replaced it at his own expense and was happy to let be drop by--and have the panel.


I'm in the MS ASHI chapter. There are a whopping dozen of us in the state! Scott P. and I work the same market area. Perhaps it's time to push a little more ED in the area. Perhaps that is how the chapter pres, central MS rep on the lisc. board (Scott P.) got Doug into our little market.

I'm sorry to say but I'll still be in Chicago when he is here.

PS Brian, The rumor is -- those who feel the need to talk about their parts usally have well

RUSTY parts.[:-weepn]

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Originally posted by charlieb

PS Brian, The rumor is -- those who feel the need to talk about their parts usally have well,

RUSTY parts.

Yeah well, if you don't use a tool it tends to get rusty. You're married too, right? [:-indiffe

Brian G.

But You Can Call Me "Rusty" Big Boy [:x][:-dev3]

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