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Say hello to my leetle friend!

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I was confirming some suspected decayed sill plate and header joist when I ran across this ole' girl. She's twice as big as any black widow I've ever seen before in over 8700 home inspections! Her abdomen alone is approximately 3/8" to 7/16" and her leg span is approximately 1" to 1 1/8" Fortunately, the cold has her in slow motion so she was easy to photograph.

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Originally posted by mgbinspect

Fortunately, the cold has her in slow motion so she was easy to photograph.

I'll assume then that she was easy to smash?[:-splat]

Of course, from what I hear, out in AZ they'll take your flashlight away from you and abuse you with it....[:-fight]

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The orange sac to the left of MGB's photo is her egg sac 25-900 younguns per lay. I've watched and counted 357 coming out of a pinhole in the sac, one by one, until it was empty. Mama laying the eggs and spinning the sac takes about 1 1/2 hours.

Fellas meet ROXANN, ROXANN meet the fellas.

Had her since summer '05. She's had over 1,500 offspring that have devoured one another down to her and 2 other females.

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I have a friend that is an Entomologist with the local university we be buggin’

A note to all please do not think or be fooled that cold weather has slowed these critters down. When in attack mode like you entering their space they may look stunned, slow acting, but beware they have the ability to strike quickly remember that’s how the survive. It has only gotten down to +17F this winter and ROXANN had a cricket that morning, hadn’t seen her move an inch for days, then BAM hit that sucker from a foot away in the blink of an eye. Brown recluse are the really bad boys on the block much harder to spot and the bites cause flesh-eating wounds that take weeks or months to heal, very nasty.

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No sir, by definition the lady of the house holds title to that position. See 1 a-b

Main Entry: pet

Pronunciation: 'pet

Function: noun

Etymology: perhaps back-formation from Middle English pety small -- more at PETTY

1 a : a pampered and usually spoiled child b : a person who is treated with unusual kindness or consideration : DARLING

2 : a domesticated animal kept for pleasure rather than utility

Actually Roxann is more of an interest or hobby I have with observing all things in nature and in no way meets the domesticated requirements for 2.

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Not to drift (haha), my Dad was into gold plating for awhile, making earrings and other jewelry out of odd things and asked me to get him a scorpion to plate. I found one and since it would be awhile till I saw him, I put it in a container and stuck it in the freezer. 6-8 months later I flew out to see him and brought it with me . I opened the container and ... you guessed it, it was moving and alive! Never assume a bug is dead.

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I would say the spider is about the size of a quarter. The butt about the size of a small pea. Feel free to use the picture. I took about a dozen, that one was the best but I will e-mail you others if you want.

I just used my little Pentax Optio WP (waterproof). I really like that it is water and dust proof but don't like the fact it doesn't have an optical view finder. There are so many good cameras out there. Here is a list of what I would look for:

Uses SD cards (they are cheap, I just bought several 64MB at Fry's for $3.99 each)

Used AA batteries

Has at least 3x optical zoom. More is nice but the cameras are physically bigger.

Has a large display. Clients like to look at the pictures at the inspection.

Office Max has pretty good sale prices weekly.

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Good for you! Most people react by killing them for no justifiable reason. They were here first and are only doing what comes natural to them. It's easy to get them going in the right direction and to scoot them off into the brush or to simply put them into a container and take them to a non-populated area and then drop them off, but everyone has been conditioned to fear them, so their first reaction is to kill 'em.



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