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Storing old reports

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I have 13 years worth of old inspection reports that are taking up valuable space. I was thinking of scanning them and storing them electronically. Does anyone else do this? What file format would be best? It would has to be a format that was not dependent on a particular type of software. It would be nice to open them years later if I had to.

How long do other people keep the old reports and contract on file? Do you think keeping a scanned copy of the contract is as good as the original?

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I keep hard copies of the I.A. and back up reports to a secondary hard drive in the desktop. I e-mailed our licencing board about how long I needed to keep the reports. They told me that there was "no time limit" in AZ. B.S. IMO.

Scanning will take you forever and eat up massive amounts of memory. If you have them on your computer, convert them to .pdf and store them on disk (still time consuming).

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I think I can count on electronic storage systems to change, so I keep hard copies of everything for seven years. Everything older goes into the recycle bin.

I have been using a computer for six years, and the last few years reports are on a removable memory stick. I can get a year's reports on one stick. I don't claim to be a computer guru.

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