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Crack in foundation?


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What the heck happened? It looks like something struck the stem wall. Did a piece of machinery back into it or something? 

The rough pile of concrete turds around the footing suggests that the entire front section was somehow loosened and someone tried to "glue" it back in place with a wheelbarrow full of concrete. 

I'd ask the super what happened. If he says that he doesn't know, he's either lying or incompetent. 

As for the future, as long as the base under the broken section is well compacted, this shouldn't cause future problems. You might have the builder patch the crack with mortar just so that any future movement will be revealed. 

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National builders are some of the worse builders I've seen.

Something went dead wrong with that pour. It may or may not be an issue later. Builder may well fight you fiercely, claiming it's not an issue. I've seen it happen in my own area to a friend of mine.

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