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TIJ - A Great Find!

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While I have been an inspector for many years, I have only explored the message boards for about four months. I am a member of the three largest associations and tried them all.

I found several of the boards to be a most unpleasant experience, due to out of control egos that drove some members to elevate themselves at the expense of other members.

I had already decided to abandon the boards because the education and support simply wasn't worth what had to be endured.

Simply by chance I stumbled upon TIJ and have found it to be just marvelous!

I wish to pay Mike and all who run TIJ the highest compliments!

But equally important, I wish to take a moment to thank each and every member that I've had the pleasure to interact with on this board. I have yet to meet anyone that has not been a true gentleman. You are what makes this message board a "cut above" and a model for the other boards.

Apparently, everyone that hangs out here was yearning for the same kinder and gentler spirit than the other boards.

Kudos to all.


Mike B.

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I am new here and I already think that this site is great! I look forward to logging on. I pick up quite a bit from the shared knowlege and really enjoy contributing too.

I have to tell you something... when I first came onto the sit, I had trouble logging in so I emailed the "administrator", well not only did I get a prompt response, But I also got a follow up message to make sure that all was o.k.

I really appreciated the concern, and felt very welcomed. By the way, It was Mike O'Handley aka hausdok, that was nice enough to care. The gentleman definately showed the true meaning of "A REAL CLASS ACT".

I'm also very impressed by the degree of knowledge that is present.

Thanks to Chad Fabry for the heads up! (another plethura of knowlege)

-Steven Turetsky, S.I., N.Y.

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Hi Steven,

Mike O'Handley pretty much runs the joint. He and a handful of other regulars here comprise a representative sampling of the best of the best in home inspection. Much of what I know about this profession was learned here and if I didn't learn it here, I researched it because of discussion here.

Welcome aboard; it's a really great feeling knowing that at least one guy has some passion.

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