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Okay, one more.

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I might guess that the larger "timepiece" with the "dials" controls "wakeup" bells in remote locations. I see three different types of "dials"

The bell below might be a way to receive a message from the "remote" locations, but how would one know which remote location was responding(number of rings?)? Unless the remote location was a single location... as a master bedroom, or a front door.

The quad looking plate below? Without a closer look, I could guess no better than a quad outlet cover... just as it appears.

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I would guess that it would be located near the kitchen/butler pantry.

Each rectangular bell represents a room with an individual sound to summon for assistance, food etc.

The large dial might be a clock.

The lower round bell might be the front door chime.

Whatever it is, it's a magnificent piece.

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