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what is this device?


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I saw this on a 5 ton heat pump installed in 1987. It's got four hoses that are misting water around the fins. What is the term for this? I want to find out more about it. It looks as if they are trying to increase the efficiency of the unit by introducing water cooling, but there is a lot of scale on the fins in the area of misting....

Any info or links appreciated. [:-dunce]

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The homeowner thinks that this will help with the efficiency of the system, if this was true why don't the manufacturers install them at the factory!

Truth be known, it has probably decreased the efficiency of the unit. The water is leaving a build-up of mineral deposits (white stuff on fins)on the fins and most likely the coil.

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This is a form of pre-cooler for the condenser unit. In the Phoenix area we have seen a variety of devices over the years designed to help the outdoor coil stay cooler. Most did help the efficiency in the short term but had long term problems. Scaling was one issue and corrosion was the other issue. It is amazing how much damage can occur to the coil in just a couple of years of using a pre-cooler device. I would recommend that you stay away from them.

If you do a search for condenser pre-cooler you should find out quite a bit of information on them.

Jeff Euriech

Peoria, AZ

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Figures that someone from Arizona would know about them--I take this is a swamp cooler for the condensing unit. [:D]

I was only passing by; I wasn't inspecting the HVAC. I'd never seen one of these contraptions,and I hope I never do again.

Now that I know the term, I have some research to do--want to be prepared in case I do see one.

BTW--owner was an ex-Realtor--draw your own conclusions about her intentions....[;)]

Thanks so much.

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