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Im looking to get to this training in May at AHIT ( American Home Inspection Training Institute). has any one her went to there trainigs? is it one of the top places? any info you got on these guys likes or dislikes please tell me Im about to dump over 3gs to them and I want to know im getting what Im looking 4 in the right place.

thanks ahead of time


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Go to the menu bar above and pass your cursor over 'forums'. This will produce a drop-down. Choose 'search' and then put the word schools in the query box. That will produce more than 7 pages of hits. Scross through these to about page 3 or 4 until you get to the hits on training and chit chat and you'll find a ton of previous discussions about schools.



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I have guys trained at both ita and ahit. Right now I think ita is more up to date and ordered, but that changes often. Be sure to attend one that is geared for your region. Don't go to fla if you are going to inspect in wisconsin. Remember they will not teach you how to inspect, so they are just the very beginning of your lifelong education. Read, Read, Read and then read somemore. Do not hesitate to contact most of the guys on this board and ask questions and listen when they answer. Ahh, I guess I mean listen but be able to sort it out in your own mind.

That does sound a little pricey.

good luck!

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