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Hud's high standards


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This "house" was "inspected and appraised" less than one year ago for an online lender. Passed with flying colors and appraised for abt 140% of value. FHA 0 dollars down.

I had inspected the house in 1992, 2000 and 2001, so have some background. All three of my inspetions were partial after buyer backed out as soon as I mentioned the broken foundation and the county storm drain within 2ft of house.

In January the foundation finally gave way far enough for it to split all the plumbing lines and hydronic heat lines. Family moved out, now a repo and on market for approx 15% of sales price. Our tax dollars at work.

Photos are real of a house occupied less than two months ago.

PS Home warranty would not cover damage.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-001S.JPG

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My next appt that day was a 2001 cornfield palace repleat with shoe covers, IKEA furniture, imitation artificial cultured stone front, beige vinyl, Hummer II in drive, lawn that was 100% grass, not a tree in sight, unbranded furnace and water heater AND a REPO!

And realtors say we are not flexible!

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