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That kind of looks like a portable storage shed plunked down on a utility trailer. Lemme see - C-D course materials, about $3000.; a computer, got one - got a bunch of em' actually, when they work; copiers, faxes, printers, got 'em; trailer, about $2000; Shed, about a grand. Total = $6,000. So, goodwill is worth about $64,000? Hmph. I could see it if there were an actual office building and static location.

I'll have to keep this in mind when I get ready to retire. I see them selling little fold-up utility trailers down at H-D for about $500. I'd be able to increase my retirement fund by about $1500 if I went with one of those. Ooh Yeah! [:-hspin]

OT - OF!!!

M. [:-hspin]

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Now, there's the answer. What was the question?

That sounds like some downstater trying to cash in on the lucrative home inspection education market. Near as I can tell, Illinois isn't part of Chicago; I can't ever tell what it is those folks think about.

What would be really funny is if someone bought it....

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