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Condo water shut offs

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My experience is admittedly limited. But the majority of the condo buildings I see do not have individual shutoffs for each unit.

If there's a newer rule saying this is a no-no, it'll just prove there's even more I don't know. Wouldn't suprise me.

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Originally posted by Wayne Wildermuth

Is it acceptable for a condominium building with 3 stories of units to have a common shutoff for water supply, or does each individual unit have to have it's own shutoff inside the unit?

Also, where can I find this info?

I don't know what's required. I almost always find shut-off valves for individual units though. Sometimes they're behind access panels that are easy to miss. When I don't find a shut off, I tell people to ask the association to tell them where it is.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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