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EPA Pamphlet Questions The Value of Duct Cleaning


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Do you regularly recommend that customers who’re buying a home with a forced air heating system have their ducts cleaned?

If so, you might be surprised to learn that EPA says that it isn’t always necessary or advisable.

Click here for a new EPA brochure that you can use as a handout for your clients and let them to make up their own minds.

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I took a mold course 3 years ago and the biologist presenting said the same thing. He mentioned that all that fuzz was doing it's job and acting like a natural filter that would grab debris as it goes by. Therefore, why mess with it? I quit the mold testing thing very shortly after that. It's too loopy, I eliminated a lot of liability and sleep much better ever since.

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Hi Gents –

Three years? I have been addressing the myths of duct cleaning for about 15 years. I first posted a web discussion describing the myths associated with duct cleaning in about 1994.

If you’re interested, you can find my current discussion “Duct Cleaning for Quackers?â€

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