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Propane Energy Source


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We have many rural homes in this area that use propane for the furnace and water heater, not sure what you are referring to about power, unless it would be a propane powered generator. But, yes in my opinion it is the same as a standard home inspection, just propane as the fuel source instead of natural gas.

Robert E Lee

GENERAL Home Inspections

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Originally posted by CHI2

I've got an inspection coming up on a cabin that has propane as its energy source. Water, power, heat is all propane.

Do I approach this as I would a standard home inspection when the home has propane for its fuel source?


Why not? Propane furnaces and water heaters are easy. A generator is a bit more effort, but not that much.

The only thing that might be tricky is if they have a propane fired AC or heat pump. Those are odd.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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I would check the funace, water heater, ect. to make sure they are set up for propane, look at the rating plate. Also, how is the genertaor vented? It's not meant to be installed indoors. I know of no kits that would allow you to properly vent it into a chimney or flue pipe.

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