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Fine Homebuilding Introduces e-Letter


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Fine Homebuilding Magazine, which has long been a staple of many contractors and home inspectors, has recently launched an online monthly newsletter.

This month, there are two articles of interest to home inspectors. The first is an article about swamp coolers and explains how they work, the second is a short video that explains some of the specialized fittings and unique crimping methods used with cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipe.

If you'd like to subscribe to this newsletter, click here.

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Thanks Kurt but no thanks is necessary.

Just use it to get smarter about the business and then spread some of that new knowledge around. It's like building blocks. Every little bit of knowledge we can add to each others' inventory helps to gradually raise the competence bar in the profession and that, in turn, helps to move us further from mere service persons to those practicing a true discipline.

OT - OF!!!


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I think he has been "suckin a fifty pound pill". Mike, you amaze me with your attitude. This is the only board that remains civil and friendly, while educating and entertaining.

Now, where are the poets - it has been at least 8 months since we have heard from the Bard.

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Thank you Mike!!!

BTW, any other Fine Homebuilding subscribers out there? I'm disappointed with the magazine since they've gone to the new format. Seems like they've dropped the bar and are catering to the do-it-yourselfer instead of discussing and reporting on 'cool' builder stuff.

I mean. . . their "What's the Difference" forum is almost insulting. They differentiate between BASIC building materials and other pedantic items. Almost like they want the 9-5 accountant shopping at Home Depot on Sunday afternoon to read the mag. in the store so he'll buy it.

I'll definitely check out the newsletter. Sounds like it might be interesting. Hope the quality is high.

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Hi Randy,

You have to understand that FHB, like TOH, is aimed at the consumer. TOH stresses high end tinker toys while FHB stresses design. Neither is really geared toward a home inspector or a builder for that matter.

On the other hand, JLC and most of the Hanley-Wood pubs are aimed squarely at the snuffy wearing a tool belt and are about showing him not just where to drive the nail but how to run the business to drive it.

I think having a subscription to FHB and JLC is a good ideal because they compliment each other. However, if you really want to get maximum bang for no bucks, you need to get yourself free subscriptions to Contractor, Metal Roofing Mag, Plumbing & Mechanical, Frame Building News, Engineered Systems, Reeves Journal, Rural Builder, PM Engineer Professional Roofing, and Professional Deck Building.



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Well, I've subscribed to FHB for 15 years now. Their content and audience hasn't always been the consumer. It was geared toward contractors and persons interested in higher end and higher quality construction methods and materials.

If I ever get an extra five minutes (other than tinkering on this board!) I'll look into those other journals. They sound very helpful.

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I signed up for the FHB newsletter and watched the PEX video immediately. Ya know What? I learned a couple of things within the six minutes! Thanks Mike.

Fine Homebuilding used to be my reference library and I kept them on the shelf by my desk. Now, I use JLC more often.

Photos are Fine Homebuilding that are read and the second one are those publications yet unread!

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-001S.JPG

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Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif MVC-002S.JPG

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A few weeks ago I attended a 4 hour seminar put on by the Wirsbo folks. I learned more about the installation of PEX in 6 minutes than I did in the 4 hour seminar. I'm beginning to think that ASHI & NAHI should be awarding MRC's and CEU's for visiting this site, I know I learn something almost every time I log on. My continued thanks and appreciation to Mike and all who participate.

Robert E Lee

GENERAL Home Inspections

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