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Mississippians Still Don't Understand Modulars


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This article in the Greenwood Commonwealth online edition, explains why modular homes, which would be ideal to speed up the process of rebuilding on the Mississippi gulf coast, are still not being seen in large numbers in Mississippi.

In a related story in the Insurance Journal, Mississippi lawmakers weigh tax breaks for modular homes, in order to speed-up rebuilding.

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I suspect a combination of lack of understanding and protectionism is at work here. As far as I know there are no modular home manufacturers in the state, but we do have mobile home/manufactured housing (or did have). That may be part of the reason for the tax bite on modulars.

And while I certainly would agree that home inspectors need to know about modulars to inspect them properly, I can't see how educating home inspectors on the issue would do anything for sales of modular homes. Am I missing something there?

Brian G.

"Trailers" Are For Hauling Things In [;)]

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Hi Brian,

I read another article about this last week. It seems some municipal inspectors in Mississippi are recommending that their municipalities reject permits for these when they don't have the requisite details needed for manufactured home installations. Things like tie-downs and the like when they aren't required.

This is because they don't understand what they are and consider them to be manufactured homes. Basically, it's that old mindset that sees modulars as the same thing as double-wides and this causes so much delay and frustration among builders that they can't be bothered with the modular industry.



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Mississippi does have a Modular home builder. When I lived in Jackson, I inspected about 30 of them for an investment company. The home was delivered in two or three sections and placed on a closed or sealed crawlspace foundation. This is a link to their website, it has some information but it is limited. http://www.safewayhomes.com/

The folks who own this company are old stick built home builders. The bought a closed down motor home factory in Lexington, MS to build these homes. I toured the plant last year and it is amazing how they build them. The parts of the home are built on a platform that travels on a track from station to station. They can produce four homes a day out of this one plant.

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