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New strategy

John Richards

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Buy a house in a new neighborhood that is still building and two weimeraners. Walk the dogs daily through the neighborhood wave and say hello to everyone, and make sure to walk past the model house.

I moved into my house 2 years ago. My wife and I were the 8th couple to move in. We walk our dogs everyday. I have talked with almost everyone in the neighborhood, and every conversation started the same way "What kind of dogs are those?" Now almost everyone in the neighborhood knows me as "the guy with those 2 dogs" they can't pronounce weimeraner.

I started in the HI business about a year ago. I still always wave or say hello to everyone I see. I have gotten leads and referals from my neighbors because they see me and know what I do. One lady refered me to someone and I got an inspection. I gave this neighbor some Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards, and she has been my #1 referal source ever since. She is constantly touting my services and I give her stacks of cards frequently. I also have booked 1 yr warranty inspections from people just asking me questions. I always answer any questions and give them more info than they requested.

Just last week a couple was pulling up to the model house while my wife and I were walking the dogs. They stopped and asked me "what kind of dogs are those?" We talked briefly, I introduced my self, and told them the importance of a home inspection no matter if they are buying a new or existing home. We parted ways. Afterwards my wife told me that it was amazing how I handled the situation, it was almost like watching magic. I got the phone call and booked that inspection last night while I was at the grocery store.

This is actually not a new startegy, just how I am able to work old strategies.

1) Make opportunities to get to know as many new people as possible.

2) Build and maintain relationships

3) Be friendly, kind and courteous to everyone

4) Be helpfull and always show concern because you care

5) Always smile

6) Always carry your business cards ALWAYS

7) The more you help others, the more you help yourself

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Originally posted by roadguy


I have one I could rent you for those occasions when you have to pull out all the stops. He's a little older, slightly overweight, doesn't hunt, and is slightly curmudgeonly...perfect?!

Uh, Uh,

Nobody gets to rent me. Nobody. Even though I do speak fluent German, I don't think his customers would like me anyway. I've been told that I make peoples' eyes hurt when they look at me.

OT - OF!!!


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Maybe, have no idea what a weimeraner is. Sounds like part of a proctologist's examination equipment.

Scott is right, the correct spelling fur das Hund ist Weimaraner, which means, essentially, from Weimar, where the breed developed.

Jeez, talk about thread drift. Guess I need to be blamed for this one.

OT - OF!!!


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No wonder my neighbors can't pronounce it, I can't even spell weizenheimer. WeimAraner is a breed of dog. They have been featured on Sesame street. A few years ago they were dressed up like people in a series of Volkswagon commercials. Type in William Wegman on your search engine and you will probably see some familiar pictures.

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