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Enormous hard drives 95 % empty

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My hard drive on my computer(s) goes almost entirely unused. I have a ton of information on CD ROM that I never installed so that I could conserve space. Here's my thought. I could download my CD Rom's to hard drive and then I wouldn't need them any more. I'm not talking programs, I'm talking about information that I paid for and no longer need. It's not against the law for me to give away this kind of data as a gift.

So for Jimmy's birthday I'd give him my JLC CD Rom's from last year. He then could memorize the nearly 2 gigs of data contained in them. Then he could give them away to George and George, I'm sure, would give them to Kurt after he was done with them. I call it the "fruitcake" theory.

I bet between all of us there's a lot of data that's legally owned that could be re-gifted time and again.

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