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Article- Why GFCI's Fail - Enjoy


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That link works, sort of. It takes you to a CDC page. If you type CFCI into the search field, it is the only article.

Originally posted by PAbernathy

Hey Guys,

Interesting article I will post a link to below. Found it very interesting and a good read on why GFCI's fail and so on....( interesting they listed it as Why CFCI's fail )....strange...anyway nice read.


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J. Layton says, http://www.cdc.gov/elcosh/docs/d0200/d0 ... 00285.html

If the device will not trip open, or if it trips and current continues to flow, the device is defective and must be replaced.

The CPSC says,

If the "RESET" button pops out but the light does not go out, the GFCI has been improperly wired. Contact an electrician to correct the wiring errors.

If the "RESET" button does not pop out, the GFC1 is defective and should be replaced.

Who is right?

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I'd have to go with neither.

Both are correct that if it won't trip then it should be replaced.

But if it "trips and current continues to flow" my first guess would be wiring line/load reversal, which should be checked before throwing the GFCI away.

The CSPC's version is a little better, but what "light" are they talking about? If it's a lamp plugged into the receptacle, then fine. If they are talking about an indicator light on the receptacle...well, they don't all have them and some have a light that only comes on when tripped.

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