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Electrical Tools


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I really like testdriving my new Suretest and consider it my second favorite tool. My first, or course, being "broker repellant" (a 4' long dandelion blade).

The next electrical tools I hope to acquire are Douglas' home and cell phone numbers so I can reach him any time of the day or night if I find myself in an electrical or other quandry. I wonder why he doesn't post them both on the CodeCheck site? It would certainly simplify my life.

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Originally posted by Douglas Hansen

My list, by priority of what's most important:

1. Protective eyewear

2. Cotton clothing

Now, just stop right there. Are you suggesting that my sky blue, polyester leisure suit is inappropriate to wear while doing electrical inspections?

3. Non-contact voltage sensor

4. Insulated screwdrivers

5. neon tester

6. home-made wire gauge

7. Suretest

8. Wiggy

9. clamp-on with multimeter capability

10. I'm not sure about the positronic flux capacitor - maybe Scott can loan me a spare one!

I've never understood the value of those clunky Wiggy things. Why would I need one if I had a multimeter?

Also, what's your recipe for a homemade wire gauge?

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Good question for the "board members","Also, what's your reciepe for a homemade wire gauge?" I read on another thread that someone made theirs out of plexiglass during a discussion group at a local meeting. If anyone remembers the process for manufacturing one, could you please post the directions? I am sure many of us newbies would like to own one but are too cheap to buy one for >$20.(me)

Photos would help..... I like pretty pictures......


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Originally posted by Douglas Hansen

"you put samples of wire about 3 inches long, perpendicular to the tape, spaced a couple of inches apart."

I thought that the actually diameter of a copper wire can vary within a given guage if the insulating capacity of the insulation wrap is greater or lesser.

Wouldn't you need several labeled samples of say 12 guage wire and then wouldn't you also have to be able to read the labeling on the wire that you were comparing?

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