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Chaulky vinyl siding


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I inspected a home today that had vinyl siding on 3 sides of the home. The vinyl siding on the south side was caulky. You could run your hand across it and a caulky substance was left on your hand. The house is 7 years old. What causes this condition and what information should I provide to my client. Will the siding rapidly deteriorate when it gets in this condition?

Dave Voight

Acworth GA

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George, get new glasses...the siding is vinyl. Ultra violet breaks down vunyl sidings, the chalky residue will probably wash off, but it'll come back. The wall that's showing degradation is probably a southern exposure that gets a lot more sun than the other walls. It's also probably a very low end vinyl siding. There are products to clean and protect the sidng available but many of them void the warranty. I'd tell the client to contact the siding manufacturer...even for a low end product seven years is a short life.

I just read your post again... it is indeed the south side.. told ya.

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Your spelling errors went relatively unnoticed Dave, for I've seen plenty of caulky vinyl siding too. I spelled vinyl as vunyl once and I'm not fixing it. So there.

George, I just bought my third pair of glasses for the last twelve months. Is four months the average life of glasses? I've bought so many glasses in my life that I now start the transaction w/ "show me your cheapest frames"

You'll all have to pardon my typing, I cut the tendons in one of my fingers last Friday and while it wasn't one of my typing fingers (I use four total) the damn bandage is bulky. I still feel like using spell check is cheating...

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Originally posted by voight

Forgive my spelling errors.

Dave Voight


What spelling errors?

I read "siding" and I read "Chalky". Then somewhere I saw "aluminum." I answered you that way and Chad saw it before I took it back off.

The older than dirt Chad comes along and can't even see "south side".

No Dave, spelling errors ain't got nuttin ta do wit it. Just two old men who have not got enough sense to go sit out on the porch and whittle.


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