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FP Panels ... Again


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Hello all,

I understand all the issues regarding FP Breaker Panels (loose bus conn.'s, CB's failure to retrip, slim panel width prone to overcrowding, FP falsifying data), but I came across an older panel w/fuses & realized that I hadn't really come across anything in my readings. How should these be addressed? Aside from being outdated (by modern standards) and from FP.

Thx in advance.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif FP Panel_Fuses_1.jpg

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Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif FP Panel_Fuses_2.jpg

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Sorry I do not have time to view the images right now but let me say something on the FPE Fuse Style panels.....while fuses are usually outdated in that it makes it hard to add additional circuits...fuses themselves are very reliable and ironically FPE made some good fuse panels ( except the fuse stabloks )....but the only real reported issue with FPE is in regards to the breakers and stablok design associated with it.

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