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Originally posted by Bryan

Has anyone tried the new inspection "see snake Micro" from Ridgid? Priced right, may help in those tight areas.


My experience: boroscopes never show you what you need to see.

Buy this thing if you like close-up views of fiberglass insulation.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Nice toy.

I can think of at least a few times it would have come in handy. With age, it is becoming more diifficult to read serial numbers and other small things. I wear my reading glasses and try to focus in with a lighted magnifying glass and a mirror. And with my third hand I hold a pad, But I still can't figure out how to hold the pen. I just bought a magnfying eyeglass visor with sidelights, but my head no longer fits into the spaces.

Boy, what problems. I'll put this on my want list.

I've considered a full size model in the past, big investment, for the amount of times I've needed it I just hire someone to do it. If I bought one, I would have to push it... whole 'nuther business.

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This is a good tool for the HVAC tech. I would say it is an expensive toy for the HI's. As a HI we are told that we need to be generalist's and not HVAC specialest. I have no need to look that close into the heat exchanger as I am not trained in HVAC and not qualified to determine if the furnace has a true cracked heat exchanger. I do look into all furnaces and check for proper cycling and rust or sediment build up.

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