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Need Standard Building Code help!

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'don't have '97

'95 CABO

Landing 3' x 3' on each side of egress door - floor/landing not more than 1 1/2" lower than top of threshold.

Exception - top of stairs where door does not swing over stairs, exterior doorway not more than 8 1/4" below threshold when door does not swing over landing, exterior storm/screen doors are exempt.

Treads, Risers.

Riser height 7 3/4" variance not to exceed 3/8" greatest to smallest. 2% max slope (1/48)

Tread 10"

Let me know if you need more

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Sorry there Scott, I hope I'm not too late with this. From the 1997 SBC, exactly as it appears in the book.

1007.3 Treads and risers

1007.3.1 Treads and risers of stairs shall be so proportioned that the sum of two risers and a tread, exclusive of projection of nosing, is not less than 24 inches (610 mm) nor more than 25 inches (635 mm). The height of risers shall not exceed 7 3/4 inches (197 mm) and threads, exclusive of nosing, shall be not less than 9 inches (229 mm).

There is an exception for certain spiral or circular stairs, but I ain't typing all of that.

1007.4 Landings

1007.4.1 A flight of stairs shall not have a vertical rise of more than 12 ft (3658 mm) between floors or landings.

1007.4.2 The width of landings shall be not less than the width of stairways they serve. Every landing shall have a minimum dimension measured in the direction of travel equal to the width of the stairway. Such dimension need not exceed 4 ft (1219 mm) when the stair has a straight run.

1007.4.3 Stairway landings shall have guardrails as specified in 1050 on any open or unenclosed edges.

That's it on landings in this book. If you want to hear what 1050 says, or you need anything else out of the old 1997 SBC, just call me. We're still on the 1997 SBC here, city and county. [:-indiffe

Brian G.

In Code "Dinosaur" Land [:-paperba

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