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Copper in Concrete


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Looked @ something I don't often see today; a 60's ranch on a slab.

The copper water service enters the house in a central mechanical closet, supplies the water heater, and then goes back into the slab to run to the baths & kitchen.

I'm not a big fan of copper in concrete, am aware of the sleeve requirement in new construction, etc., but don't know how serious this one may, or may not be. It's all "L" grade copper, heavy stuff.

Is this a likely problem? Any of you guys that look @ slab construction w/similar conditions have an opinion?

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Thanks all.

I'm a doof. I'm now blanking on which has the blue stamping on the side; K or L? Who can tell me so I don't have to run over to Le Depot de Maison to find out......

No slab movement, no nothing to even suggest a problem. It's just one of those things I never see & it made me wonder.

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