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I don't think so....

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Portions of an email I received about a tentative Monday morning inspection:

A couple things I forgot to tell you.

1. The door is locked but not deadbolted. When I asked the owner how you would be able to get in he replied that you could use a credit card to open the door. Silly I know!

Yeah, Breaking and entering has always been "silly."icon_speech_sigh.gif

2. The power is on but you will need to flip the main breaker on to use it.

Uh huh.

3. The water is on as well and you need to turn that on at the street. (i am not sure what that means but I am sure you do.)

Yes. I do know what that means.

Let me know if you need anything else. Rodney will be there to meet you. 9am right?


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I guess if I needed the money that badly, I wouldn't bother with the client and the inspection. I'd cherry pick and stake out the houses I wanted to break into.[:-paperba[:-paperba

I replied that breaking into the house was not an option and explained that I don't turn the water on at the street and why.

I also gave her the option to cancel or postpone the inspection.

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I also gave her the option to cancel or postpone the inspection.

Zoids excuse me I mean Realtors tell my clients that their flunkies sorry I mean inspectors turn on utilities as part of the inspection. I lose a lot of jobs because of this. A professional inspector does not get the home ready for inspection by turning on utilities and lighting pilot lights. that is the responsibility of the seller or their representative the Zoid sorry I mean Realtor. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure what the buyer will get for their $$.

Paul B.

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