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Our Weight Loss Challenge

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Well Guys,

i hope you are all doing well with your weight loss endeavours. I personally am down around 30 lbs - most of which happened in the last 2 weeks. My actions have been :

- 2 weeks ago this past Wednesday: wake up with a funny pain in stomach, ignore it and don't eat

- 2 weeks ago today: pain is worse, havent eaten in 2 days, go to emergency room. After going through a cat-scan learn I have diverticulitus - no big deal. Stay in hospital till Monday on antibiotics.

- Monday: released from hospital at 11 am. Rushed back to hospital at 2pm. Another cat-scan reveals that due to the diverticulitis, my colon had perforated.

- Tuesday: surgery - remove about 18 inches of colon (upside: the entire area affected by diverticulitis is now gone)

- Been recovering in the hospital since, I was released today. I will be going back in 3-6 months to have the colostomy reversed

I never woulda thought dropping 30lbs would be this easy!!! Exercise is for suckers[;)]


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Jeez Brad, that sucks!

Me, I'm not doing so well this summer. Started off fine but after a week things around here got nuts and time to get on my machine and workout has been nil. I'm just mostly pouring myself into bed at night. Somehow, with all of that, I managed to go down about 8lbs but I'm really not happy with it. Things have slowed a little this week, so I'm hoping that I can kick it in the butt for the next couple of weeks.



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