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On Line Training Update

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I have spoken with a few reps that are willing to do on-line training.

There is one person from Burnham Boilers that I'm working with now. He is from corporate and was allowed to install the voice communication software on their computers. I am hoping to get with him tomorrow to test.

Question: How many people are able to view PowerPoint Slides?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Chad:

PowerPoint is a Microsoft product. Powerpoint allows the user to create custom slides (pages) with colors, graphics, flyins and outs etc. You can create a presentation on your company, set it up for a bunch of clients, click a button and it will automatically run a custom presentation.

If you don't have PowerPoint but need to view a presentation created by someone go here for the necessary software.

http://office.microsoft.com/search/resu ... 0331121033

The reason I was asking is that the boiler rep has a PowerPoint presentation he uses on his road show. As Mike suggested perhaps he can upload it here and we could all download it and view it as he gives his presentation.

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