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John Dirks Jr

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That match book is stunning in its simplicity and imagery. Unfortunately, time has shown the message below it to be all too wrong. We've allowed 'them' to leverage the despicable, but determinate attack that day into an ongoing and possibly irreversible destruction of the liberty that our forefathers fought and died for. And we're doing it all to ourselves. Our founding fathers would be turning over in their graves.

This morning, on MSNBC, I watched the replay of NBC's coverage as it happened six years ago. It brought a tear to my eye more than once.

I remember 9/11/2001 as if it were yesterday. I had only an afternoon inspection, so I was able to watch the TV coverage from the beginning. I watched in horror as each tower fell.

I really didn't want to do the inspection. It took much longer than it otherwise would have because the buyer and I kept gravitating to the TV that the seller had on. I don't remember anyone saying anything - just watching.

Here is the last photograph I ever took of the Twin Towers.

Image Insert:


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When I visited the WTC site it was amazing to look up at all the tall buildings around the void. Those building are so tall. Then to imagine that the towers were twice as tall as anything else around them. It was hard to imagine.

Even more moving than looking into the void was walking up to the fence, turning and looking back at the faces of all the other people that were there. I have never seen so many faces with stunning looks of disbelief in one place. I probably never will again.

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