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All inspectors please deposit your two cents! Than

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Hello gentlemen and the few ladies who practice the trade, My question is this: During routine home inspections what do you often find to be the most prevalent violations and problems found with most homes that you inspect.

Could you each give us your short list of often found problems while doing your inspections, this would be greatly appreciated and I thank you beforehand for your time in thinking it through.

Sincerely Dan Auito. Agent, appraiser, investor, landlord, etc...


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I'll go:

Inadequate drainage

downspouts that empty next to the foundation

windows caulked in, instead of with proper splines and a head flashing

stoops poured directly against the house w/o capillary breaks

insufficient siding to grade clearance

blocked vents

poor attic ventilation

sloppy HVAC

poor flashings of every sort

roofs without drip edging

fans venting into attics and crawls

dryer ducting too long

furnaces improperly vented

water heaters without proper T & P or seismic bracing

siding installed incorrectly

no weeps in brick veneer

faux stone without weeps meeting grade

improperly installed shingles

That's a start

OT - OF!!!


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Poor grade drainage

Exposed / uncaulked nails on the roof

Errors in neutral bar wiring (Main panels)

Errors in neutral bar wiring (Subpanels)

Lack of GFCI's in required locations

Sinks / tubs that don't hold water (stopper leaks or is missing)

Errors with water heater relief valves and piping

Non-professional work where a professional was needed

Brian G.

That's the Very Short List [:-irked]

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