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Windows: Restore or Replace?


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I've restored a lot of windows and re-hung them with brass interlocking weatherstrips. They're tight.

A well restored window with a nice fitting storm can achieve U values around .36

I had some top of the line Andersens made and the listed U value is .35

There are windows with better U values available, but it will almost certainly never pay back the increased cost in energy savings. Windows are the first thing addressed by smoke salesmen and they should be the last.

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Brother Chad,

You are right again, but can you tip them in for cleaning, earn credit card miles, brag to your neighbors, put it on the line-side when selling, forget about painting, stimulate the local economy by indirectly hiring illegals and last, but not least, reduce your carbon footprint?

You get my point and YOU have actually thought it through. Congratulations!

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