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Bond Bord - Sheet Board

Mark P

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Originally posted by AHIS

I ran accross something new - for me - yesterday in the attic of a 1960 home. The sheathing has some sort of paper backing that has fallen off making for oddly ugly attic.

Is anyone familiar with this product?

They spelled board wrong.

It looks as if they took a bunch of boards and taped them together with kraft paper. I suppose this was some sort of missing link between plywood and shiplap sheathing.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Hmmm, thats interesting, I once inspected an attic where the entire underside resembled thousands of those dangling fly strips in a parchment color. The material was so far gone that there was no evidence of a product name on the sheathing. The ventilation was very poor, explaining the condition but this adds valuable insight if I ever see that again. I presumed it was delaminated plywood at the time but the dimensions of the "Bords" seem to suggest otherwise.

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