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I have been doing septic field inspections for about two years now. Until recently, I've never been defeated. I've always found it either by observation or county records (one was 7' deep). I suggested the home owner have a pumper locate and pump the tanks. I thought perhaps I could have seen what direction the line went and maybe make a discovery. Of course the pumper would have had to locate the tanks first. The current owner hasd never has the tanks pumped (been there 2 years) and the previous owner has no recollection of when they were last maintenenced. No greener pasture. One area was slightly mounded but I found nothing with my 5' probe. (I wasn't digging/coring in hopes of finding something). My final decision was to do a dye test for the satisfaction of the contract. Are there any suggestions that might help me in the future?

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Originally posted by michiganian, in part

Are there any suggestions that might help me in the future?

Yes. Don't do septic field inspections. No one can determine the condition of a septic field; it is impossible. When you blow one, and you will, you will be made to look very stupid by a long list of people, starting w/ the attorney & ending w/ the septic guy that digs up the failed field.

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