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Trouble down the line


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This house was almost completed when the buyer decided to have the builder add a swimming pool. Keep in mind, here in S. Florida, homes are built on slab on grade. No spread footers just a thickened edge with 2 #5 rebar. I advised the client not to put anything heavy in this portion of the home.

Download Attachment: icon_bitmap.gif excavation 1.bmp

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By the time the contractor forms the pool shell, shoots it, and backfills it, this structure will go from slab on grade to cantilevered.


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I've attempted to resize the images. Hope this helps. Here are the previous two.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif excavation 3.jpg

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I forgot this one. This is a 16" X 16" poured column with 4 #5 rebar supported by an isolated footer. The column is/was designed to support the imposed load of the cantilevered concrete tile roof above. I only hope the roof can support the weight of the column and footer which will soon be hanging freely.

Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif excavation 2.jpg

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Download Attachment: icon_photo.gif excavation 4.jpg

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Is this any better?


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The local building code requires the edge of the swimming pool to be no closer to any portion of the building than 5 feet. There was plenty of room. They just overexcavated. The code also requires shoring if the angle of repose is violated. They ignored that requirement also.


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