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Raised seams


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I dont get to look at many of these roofs since I dont have the ladder height, but I was able to get up on a lower roof to access.

What causes these raised seams, or are they there to help divert water?

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What are these called ? Concrete Caps?

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thanks guys

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Originally posted by fqp25

As for the seams, what did the underside of the sheathing look like? It might be fatigue or moisture damage to the sheathing. It looks like rafters/roof joists with sheathing sagging between them. (Just an idea.)


No, it's the standing seams from the old metal roof. Really, really good roofers walk on them so they fold over first!

I regularly see almost every type of roofing material installed over metal roofs. My favorite is always asphalt shingles glued to the old slates.

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Originally posted by Bain

Are you serious? I'm thinking you are.

I'm here in slate roof land, so I get to see every horrible thing that can be done to slate roofs.

What kind of glue?
Mostly roof cement and Shingle Stick. One that actually seemed to work (I hate to admit) used a spray-on silicone based adhesive.

While were on the topic, re-covering over metal is permitted but not over slate, shake, clay/cement tile or cement asbestos.

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Originally posted by BornaRoofer

If you roof over a metal roof the ribs are to be filled in between with 1" foam insulation board then a cover board prior to roofing.

Good roofer will do that. The El Cheap Os will not. You know most home owners are going as cheap as the can.

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