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A friend of mine sent me this link in an email. For political reasons this person can't post it here. Being the magnanimous guy that I am, I figured some of you may be interested.

http://www.nachi.org/bbsystem/viewtopic ... 6802#46635

I've said this in private and in public before, but I think Clinton has changed careers to being the owner of a home inspector org.

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After following several HI resource sites over the last 12 months (mostly from the outside looking in) and reading that thread... I remain firmly entrenched right here at the "association-nuetral" TIJ. Thank the Good Lord there's *someone* in this industry without an agenda.

I can't imagine what the commercial side would be like if AIA, EJCDC, or NSPE had these feudal issues that HI associations are engaging in. Crimony, what a distraction!

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Originally posted by crusty

Does anyone think there is any truth in the rumor that Gromicko, Napadow and Holland are one in the same person? They do seem to have the same modus operandi.

I'm sure that rumor is false (Gromicko is fully occupied getting into trouble under his own name), but I wouldn't be surprised if they were all related.

Scott Patterson did recently post something about Napadow possibly using Holland as an alias.

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Originally posted by IntegrityFirst

Who really cares???????

NACHI, ASHI, NAHI, IHINA.... They all have their own agendas they follow, and I am sure they all have their own corrupt members and board members.

To expect any of them to be any more credible, honest, or worthwhile than the other is ludicrous.

Not true and as long as one is willing to accept that,[b)] there is little hope of consensus, standardization or accountability in our profession.

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Who cares - Many people have made mistakes and been caught. Many more have made bigger mistakes and never been caught.

How about Tim Allen or Ollie North, etc. It ain't a perfect world. I was a Marine Corp Sniper in Vietnam - your and my government gave me nice medals for blowing people's brains out that I'd never met and had done nothing to you or me. Gosh I'd love a chance at the 911 guys.

This ain't important in the scope of things.

Dan Bowers, CRI

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