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What is this insulation


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Hello all,

I posted this request for info about this insulation material on another forum and didn't get much response. In the picture, the small dark grey material at the center is rock wool, the lighter grey is standard cellulose fiber, and the blond material is __________? It appears to be some sort of cellulosic material ranging from small sawdust like particles to one inch shreaded-like strands. I have seen the material over the years remodeling but never had to call out what it was. Is it treated with fire retardant etc. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated,


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Thanks for the help, I finally found this info:

SILVA WOOL: This is a product manufactured by the lumber industry. It consists of wood slivers treated with a fire retardant. The most common wood appears to be cedar that is resistant to rot and pests. The insulating qualities are quite good, however the quantity is often inadequate by today’s standards and additional insulation should be installed.

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